Redefining how work gets done.

Are you working on your own in a specialized field, either as a freelancer or a consultant? By joining the Alabaster & Fern community, our business professionals take on the sales, marketing, and basic finance functions of your business—so you can focus on what you love, do what you do best, and successfully meet your clients’ demands.


A Growing Network
By joining our collective, you have the security of a professional network with the flexibility of an independent business owner. [Frank, can you insert a bit more about what this means? For instance, a sentence or two how people in the network come together.]

A Growing Client Base
As one person, it's hard to find the perfect client while juggling current work. At Alabaster & Fern, we connect you with targeted clients so you’re not dependent on one source of revenue—or the wrong source—and we ensure you have the skills to keep those who are a good fit.  

Diversified Revenue
We offer a referral fee for any new clients you bring to the collective. [Frank, what's the fee? and can we flush this out a bit more? In what situation would someone bring a client to the collective and how would that play out for them? The more transparent and detailed we are here, the more we show the honesty and transparency and core values.] 

Open Positions

Marketing &  Digitial Media

  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Copy Writer
  • Ghost writer
  • Junior graphic designer

Public Relations/Advertising

  • Public Relations Strategy and Implementation

Sales & Finance

  • Partnership Development
  • Operations
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Management


  • CRM
  • Point of Sale
  • Payroll

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Director
  • Benefits Management

Don’t see your speciality listed above?  Apply anyway.  Alabaster & Fern is growing and the demand for serious professionals is always increasing.

  1. Apply by using the form below and we’ll respond to your application within 3 business days.

  2. We’ll schedule a 45 minute phone interview to learn more about you and assess your business.

  3. Each freelancer is highly-vetted, so we’ll run a background check and reach out to 3 references.

  4. If we find you're a good fit, you’ll go through two in-person interviews to test your expertise and your character and then we’ll test you out on a test job.

  5. Following the vetting process, we’ll get you set up in our system and start sending you leads.

  6. You’ll be connected with a business strategist who will help you refine your brand and grow your business.