Empowering business owners and achieving goals—through collective work.

Alabaster & Fern is a collective of professionals who represent a wide range of highly specialized skill sets. As a team we work with you to develop solutions to your unique problems and then formulate and execute multifaceted strategies, all in one place, under one management team. That means you can focus on what you do best—serving your clients.


What We Do

Our specialists can do it all, or any part, so you can focus on the work you love.

What goals do you have for your business?

Reach a Wider Audience

With specialists in branding, social media, email, blogging, print, presentations, events, and more, we can boost your market presence and increase your marketing ROI.


Improve Your Brand Quality

Work with us to develop your website and all the content you need with copy writers, ghostwriters, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and filmmakers. 


Optimize for Savings

Operational inefficiencies can accumulate to bring a business to a screeching halt.  Our operational specialists help you find the best way to do what you do so you can compete on speed, cost, and quality. 

Increase Your Sales

Our sales experts can develop and implement a sales strategy in conjunction with your marketing initiatives to increase the quality and quantity of your leads and your conversion rate.

Gain Competitive Advantage

It can be difficult to identify your competitive edge, but our business strategy specialists can help you develop a value proposition and industry position so you can quickly pivot or startup.

Compliance and Culture

Managing employees, contractors, and vendors is a full time job, unless you work with our seasoned HR specialists and business managers.  We can deal with everything from hiring, reviews, firing, and beyond.

Control Your Cash Flow

Accounting, bookkeeping, and internal financial management are the life blood of your organization.  An outsourced CFO can set you up for profitability.


Automate Operations

You can only work as fast as your hardware and software.  Our developers and technicians have your back so your technology is always an asset and never a liability.


Protect Your Business

The law only works for you if you use it.  Our legal specialists help you set up a business identity, develop and review contracts, navigate intellectual property rights, research and establish trademarks and more.


How We Work

You can work with us in a variety of ways to meet your budget and schedule requirements.

Which offering works best for you?

90 minute intensive sessions with an expert to get all your questions answered on a specific topic.

Free 90 minute targeted introductions to a variety of business topics delivered by an experienced specialist.

Free 90 minute targeted introductions to a variety of business topics delivered by a experienced specialist.

5-6 hour intensive workshops to make specific improvements to your business.

Hire a specialist to develop a strategy or business improvement for a flat fee on a short-term timeline.

Low on bandwidth? Hand off the daily implementation of a strategy or process to one of our specialists on an hourly or retainer basis.



Schedule a free 45-minute conversation with a strategist. Together, you’ll articulate the problems you need solved and identify the root causes of those problems.  You’ll receive a custom proposal, which prioritizes the solutions that will deliver the highest return on investment.  Then we’ll connect you with the experts who can dramatically improve your business.